Anyone taking a holiday trip wants to take a break from the stress of everyday life, relax and get to know new things. Most tourists also love the beach and hope for some sunshine, so they can sunbathe to get a beautiful complexion from vacation. However, if you catch a lot of rainy days on holiday, it will infect your mood and for you to spend much time at the hotel. This would be a nightmare and ruin your trip. Therefore it is always advisable to take a look at the forecasted weather, thus improving your chances of sunny days considerably.

Anyone planning a one week trip usually can find very reliable predictions about the weather, so you can adjust to them. If you fly last minute, you can fly when the sun is shining and play it safe this way. However, anyone who is going for a long journey cannot act this way. The further away the target, the more expensive the flight and the longer the stay. For example, this is the case when you visit the African continent. In case you are asking yourself about the perfect time to come to Kenya, you found the right place.
If you want to avoid rain and enjoy good weather, you should come from June to September. At this time the temperature is at 77 °F.
The Diani Beach weather is ideal for different occasions at this time. Beach lovers, athletes and safari seekers will be rewarded with constant fine weather in Diani Beach.
However, anyone who wants to leave Diani Beach and pushes forward toward the north should be warned. In northern Kenya, there is a strong heat of up to 105 °F. Rain only happens on rare occasions which causes the area to be very dry.
The Diani Beach weather is very humane. A cool sea breeze loosens the weather and occasional rain makes the flora flourish.
The weather in Diani Beach is ideal for a long stay, as it is very constant and stable. Temperature fluctuations aren’t seen often and one usually looks forward to a friendly sun, but does not need to care for the hot air.

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