Aqualand offers double-wide banana boat ride which is fun and safe for all ages.our guide will explain how the ride works and give you a safety briefing before you set off.The riders will cruise up and down the beautiful Diani beach.The banana boat is smooth and comfortable for those who want to site see the beautiful Diani beach on open sea.our banana boat can accommodate Up to ten riders making a must do if your vacationing in a large group.

On a warm day there is nothing else as refreshing as feeling the water splashing and cooling wind from the tow boat’s high speed.Rates of speed are adjusted when younger riders partake.

Safety is our top priority;

We recommend kids above 5yrs,pregnant women not recommend or anyone suffering from chronic neck or back issues plus nobody under the influence of alcohol will be permitted to join the ride

If you’re seeking a budget friendly tour,book banana boat with us as it’s one of the most affordable heart-pumping adventure.

Tour details

  • *bare feet’s or water shoes are best
  • *towel
  • *sun protection

10.000 /upto 10 person / 15 minutes

15.000 /upto 10 person / 30 minutes

“Summer is a joyful season, the one that is absolutely perfect for traveling, falling in love and of course for swimming activities! Book the best date and find the perfect party spot with the help of professional managers!

Thanks a lot for this amazing experience!”

Simon Lee

“No matter how far you have to travel to try it, this park is absolutely worth it! Thank you for making my vacation truly unforgettable. I enjoyed every moment of it!

Me and my friends appreciate your assistance with all the arrangements. Thank you so much!”

Austin Moore

“I must say WOW! I’ve tried many similar entertainments, but I did not expect such a wonderful experience! I loved it. Thanks a lot. Me and my family members had a lot of fun conquering your water slides!

We had seen some new, truly amazing places. Great job!”

Jessica Carter

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