Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The ocean is a mystical place and provides us with legends, stories and fairy tales since a very long time. Even the indigenous peoples revered it and a lot of cultures believe that their gods live underwater. Atlantis is one of the ocean tales we all know.

A ride on the glass bottom boat provides relaxation and shows you the marine world without getting your feet wet

We are dreamers who love myths and sagas and try to find out if there is any truth in them. Anyone interested in the sea and its magical underwater world should definitely take a tour with our glass bottom boat.
The Aqualand water sports school offers such a voyage across the Indian Ocean, where you can enjoy the blazing sun and also get an insight into the turquoise sea of ​​Diani Beach. Through the embedded glass bottom in our boat you can observe what is happening in the water right below your feet. Fish, interesting animals and corals offer a beautiful and amazing view.


The glass bottom boat takes you to a dreamlike “uninhabited” island in the Indian Ocean 

During our trip we head for a fantastic sandbar off the coast of Kenya, which promises a great view of the country. Right there and on our way to the sandbank you will get a lot of glimpses into the sea and can also take a lot of photos.
From the sandbar you can occasionally watch whales swim by. The sand is like a tiny island in the open sea and you will love the feeling of being surrounded by endless water.
From here we head into the warm water of the Indian Ocean and explore the snorkeling area. An experienced snorkeler is always at your side, showing you interesting places and helps you with your snorkeling equipment. After this regenerative activity we go back to the boat and drive back to Diani Beach.

The trip takes about two to three hours and provides new valuable impressions of Kenya and sweetens the day with an exceptional experience.
An experienced captain will guide and control the glass bottom boat. He is very familiar with the area and knows where you can find interesting things in the underwater world.
Do not miss this experience and get in contact with us today to book one of the coveted glass bottom boat rides!
We look forward to welcoming you on board of our boat you soon!