Why surfing in Diani Beach is a very special experience

Riding the waves and wind exerts a special magic and is much more than just a sport. Already several songs and films deal with the great spare time activity and describe it as a kind of lifestyle. Whether you are the guy camping in remote spots, fishing your food in the sea and then going directly into the surf, or if you like to wake up in your luxurious villa, have a large breakfast and start the day very relaxed: every one of us is simply looking for the perfect wave at an awesome spot.

aqua-gallery-windsurfen1 Diani Beach in Kenya is currently in great demand by all water sports enthusiasts which do not care about expenses or efforts in order to get here. Today I want to explain what is so special about this spot and why it is perfect for surfing.

First, there is cohesion among the surfers. Who meets here has some similarities and probably is as crazy as the others. They get on very quickly and the surfers are like a big family anyway. It’s fun to meet new people through the sport and get new friends in remote places all around the world. The hobby or the attitude connects and puts everything else in the background.

In addition, Diani Beach in Kenya is the perfect spot for surfing, because the tides are especially strong and cause great waves. Riding one if the Kenyan waves will make you feel like you are flying above the ocean. Those who are more into windsurfing will be delighted with the constant coastal winds.

The water in Diani Beach is completely free of rocks and stones, offering absolute security. There have been no accidents for ages!

Another factor is that an accommodation and sports equipment is available to rent for low prices. Bringing your own boards is often cumbersome and expensive, which is why many prefer to rent high-quality boards right at the spot. This way you have no problems with possible damage and will only travel with your luggage. Within the water sports school Aqualand you can equip yourself with everything a surfer could ask for. Cheap and nice hotels are also on-site and have adjusted to the athletes.

One of the main arguments for Diani Beach is that in addition to the perfect surf conditions, there extremely beautiful landscapes. A bright and warm sea, yard-long white sand beaches, palm trees, sun and an African flair create a dreamlike atmosphere which you will learn to love immediately.

Curious? Then convince yourself and come to visit us!


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