The south coast of Kenya holds many surprises for adventurers

For us, a vacation trip per year is simply a part of life. We work hard every day and want to reap the fruits of this effort. Why else should we spend eight hours of our valuable time in the office, on the site, or with the customer, if we weren’t able to get a few nice things off it?

luchatthefisherman Many people want to travel the world before they die and got a lot of fancy places to visit on their to do list. This is the only way to find get to know about the big picture and widen your horizon. Unfortunately, many of us never start with that and wait until it is too late. What about you?

Have you already started to look outside the box, or do you hide at home or on the trampled tourist paths?
Have you ever left our beautiful continent to get to know the culture of other people and to gain insight on how they live?
There are many beautiful beaches, oceans, forests, animals, people, mountains, lakes, canyons and buildings that are spread all over the world and offer not only an enchanting sight, but also disclose insights about our lives and the natural cycle .

The man has inflicted much damage to the environment, and the time for visiting the breathtaking landscapes may soon be expired.
A place where the world seems still to be in order and nature is flourishing is Kenya’s south coast.

At this paradisiacal place beautiful natural spectacle as the large buffalo migration can be observed, which occurs nowhere else on our pinewood-diving gigantic planet. What is the meaning you give to your life? Do you want to make it as beautifully as possible, explore the world and collect as many impressions, or is it to run along the beaten path and remain in your eternal treadmill?

Hold up the courage to start your holiday on the Kenyan coast where pristine wilderness, open-hearted people and incredible natural events await you.

Follow your dreams and do not be willing to make a compromise.
We are located on the south coast of Kenya with a tropical cocktail and eagerly look forward to your arrival and want to bring you closer to the great country and its people.

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