Kenya is a very diverse country and is currently getting a lot of attention from travelers worldwide. The usual vacation spots, especially for windsurfers, aren’t in any more and more and more people are looking to step into the dark and get in touch with something new and exciting. Here the weather is better, the landscape got more to offer and spectacular animals inhabit the country.

The windsurfers paradise Diani Beach invites you!

The beautiful resort of Diani Beach at the south coast of Kenya is high in demand and the visitor numbers are rising every year. This is mainly due to the beautiful beaches and warm sea, the countryside, the animality, the prices, and the cheerful nature of the residents.


The name Diani Beach reveals a lot about the nature of the village. 

Very long, nearly white sand beach stretches along the coast and looks picturesquely beautiful. It flows into the Indian Ocean, which is mainly known for its pleasantly warm water. Tropical plants and palm trees create the impression that you are in the middle of the Caribbean and it is easy to get some rest in Diani Beach.
The tourists are usually adventurers, people looking for relaxation, safari tourists, or water sports enthusiast. Especially for windsurfers the coast of Kenya is a paradise, because the constant coastal winds create the perfect conditions to enjoy the hobby.
Water sport athletes come for all around the world to take action at the stunning beach and associate the holiday with Safari, relaxation, cultural experiences and test the famous Kenyan cuisine.
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