There are only a few spots in the world that are so suitable for kite surfing as Diani Beach. The quiet Ocean, the constant coastal winds and the warm waters make Diani Beach to one of the most popular kite surfing locations around the globe. Kenya's southern coast has clear water, heavenly endless beaches and a very pleasant climate.

 Diani Beach is one of the best places for an extended kite surfing experience

There are no sharks, dangerous rocks or anything similar, so Diani Beach is the perfect location to get to know this amazing sport and take your first tries without worrying about any dangerous. The beautiful view also makes it a great spot for experienced kite surfers who are looking for a new favorite location. Our kite surf teachers at the Aqualand water sports school are very talented, got a wealth of experience and are IKO certified. That means that our students are in good hands and can feel save all the time. Fun, the imparting of knowledge and safety are our top three commandments to which we are dedicated 24/7. At the end of our kite surfing courses all participants will receive a certificate, which will allow them to enjoy the action of kite surfing on their own. However, our experts will be on site and assist with any questions and problems. We also offer all the needed equipment, which is up to date and in a good shape.

Practicing your hobby at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and share the water with dolphins and turtles 

The water sports athletes are not the only ones who have discovered Diani Beach. Dolphins, giant turtles and even whales check out the south coast of Kenya on a regular basis and share their time with the travelers. So, who is not only looking for water and wind, but wants to get in contact with the wild nature and amazing rare animals, Diani Beach is the place you should visit.
A beautiful panorama makes the kite surfing even more interesting and relaxing than it already is. Trust our team from the Aqualand water sports school and make us teach you one of the very best water sports. Your visit to Diani Beach will remain in your memory for all your life and we are sure that we will see you again frequently!