Dolphins in Wasini

A Dhow is a sailing vessel, which is used exclusively in the Indian Ocean. It has one large trapezoidal sail and a big mast. With This traditional Kenyan sailing ship we will sail the Indian Ocean and enjoy the fascinating nature.

A ride on our traditional Dhow promises breathtaking sights and relaxation

Equipped with your preferred music, some snacks and cold drinks, the dhow tour starts at the Aqualand Watersports School at Diani Beach. Feel free to take your kids on board so they also find relaxation and tranquility. It is possible to swim, dive or snorkel at any time, so feel free to get to know the waters off the south coast of Kenya. We will let you decide you about our route, but based on our experience we can recommend a few nice spots in the area. We will be happy to do this journey on special occasions such as birthdays, honeymoon or special holidays and make this day memorable. Our crew is very experienced and is travelling on the Indian Ocean for many years. In addition, the dhow has been modified to fulfill our needs and serve a nice comfort.


Wasini Island is always worth a journey and lures with dolphins, whales and turtles 

A clear recommendation from us is to take the dhow trip to Wasini Island. The small island is located on the Kisite Marine Park, where many dolphins, whales and turtles frolic. You can take a dive with these peaceful creatures to enjoy their wilderness and accompany Wasini Island is a very old fishing village without paved roads, electricity or running water. The famous Shimoni caves can be visited, which were used times as a storage space for slaves in colonial times. A visit to this place is like a journey through time and will remain in your memory forever.

This charming little fishing village is very presentable and shows you the rustic life of the locals, who keep their traditions and welcome every guest.

After the tour you will have many new impressions collected and be completely relaxed. Chose Aqualand as your organizer and get nice deals right now!