Our Aqualand Diving School is right in the middle of Diani Beach. We are offering amazing all inclusive courses which will teach you how to dive and snorkel in just a few days. In just three to four days, you can acquire your diving certificate which will allow you to take a dive completely on your own. We also offer short diving tours which only take one day.

Diving at Diani Beach: A paradise for beginners and experts!

The courses always consist of a theoretical part, a training session in the pool and a sea dive with our certified instructors. Our state of the art equipment and highly trained coaches provide beginners and novices a carefree dive in which the focus is clearly on learning the techniques as well as the independent exploration of the underwater world from Diani Beach. The reason why this place is known among divers around the world is that enchanting fish stocks and exotic fish species feel home here. The Indian Ocean is warm and a wreck can be explored. Thus, the optimal conditions for diving and snorkeling tours are given that will make your heart beat faster guaranteed. While observing our certified instructor, you can dive  up to 10 meters into the depths and discover the breathtaking underwater world of Kenya. Here are a number of discoveries in you that will put you in harmony with nature.


The customer service is our priority, which ensures that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest

We will pick you up at your hotel in the morning, take you to the paradise beach in Diani Beach, give you an easy to understand introduction to the diving gear and then start the dive adventures. Always accompanied by a diving expert, you will become familiar with diving techniques and the equipment. Once you have acquired the basic skills, there is a unique opportunity waiting for you.
You get the unique opportunity to take a divewith wild whales and dolphins, which will trigger a deep admiration of these peaceful creatures. The therapeutic effect of this experience has long been proven and is used by many doctors. The stress of recent years will fall away from you and you will feel fresh born.

Do not hesitate to step into contact with us. The Kenyan economy allows visitor-friendly prices and a comprehensive service, so visit us directly in Diani Beach and spend a memorable holiday!