Baharia -Dhingi -Tour

A great dream of many is to move to Diani Beach one day, rest and listen to the waves, enjoy the sun and get in touch with nature. Calming down and get rid of all the hectic becomes more and more important.

A Dhingi tour above the Indian Ocean

Especially the open sea attracts many people and is a pole for relaxation. In Diani Beach a long pearly white sand beach runs into the turquoise blue sea that extends seemingly endless over the globe. Above the sea you can see beautiful waves, a few sailboats and birds, while there are table corals, fish, ship wrecks and amazing plants waiting under the water.
The Aqualand water sports school has evolved into one of the largest operators in Diani Beach and offers residents and guests great excursions and sporting activities.


A very popular one is a ride with a real Dhingi.

This charming and romantic motorized boat glides across the Indian Ocean while you can feel the breeze.
We pick you up from your hotel in the morning, accompany you to the beautiful beach of Diani Beach and introduce you to the crew. Then we climb aboard and start the trip.
This takes about three to four hours and adjusts entirely to your needs and wishes.
Many guests enjoy to go to the coral reef and to take a snorkeling trip. This will reveal the secrets of the sea and you can experience an excellent view below the water surface. Lots of colorful fish, sparkling coral and maybe even one or the other dolphin encounters us here which offers a magnificent sight. Anyone who wears glasses in daily life can still enjoy the trip.
We have diving masks for myopic people!
Anyone who loves fishing is welcome to borrow a fishing rod from us and put it in the water. The fish before Diani Beach bite a lot and some capital-catches were celebrated. Try your luck and catch you your dinner.
The warm water is ideal for swimming and we will show you the best places for an extended swim in the open sea. We like to explore the area with you and show particularly beautiful places at the Kenyan coast, which should not be missed. Here we will encounter numerous beach bars on the coastline which offer a stunning view and cold drinks.
If we have piqued your interest, we would be delighted to get in contact so that we can plan your individual Dhingitour. We look forward to see you and to shake hands.