It is time to find the perfect home for a water sports vacation trip to Diani Beach

Water sports are one of the greatest activities in the world and more and more people discover it for themselves. Water sports offer an incredible amount of possibilities and promises lots of fun and variety.
The tides and the mighty masses of the sea and the eternal shore wind let the athletes feel the power of nature’s which makes our existence feel small and insignificant.

Who is doing water sports enjoys a great number of benefits which cannot be found with other sports.
On the one hand you are constantly at the fresh air and enjoy the cool breezes at the beach or at the sea. On the other hand, you are in the sun and get all crisp brown, which is the epitome of “sexy.”

Furthermore, the salty sea water has a positive effect on the skin and makes it smooth and supple. Another great advantage is that you can travel the world in search of the perfect spots and can combine physical activity with a great holiday.
In difference to indoor sports you get around a lot and explore places that you otherwise would not have seen without practicing water sports.

One of the best places to indulge this hobby is Diani Beach. If you are a Surfer for example, you find excellent prerequisites and should definitely book a holiday home in Diani Beach.
One of the most important factors when choosing a house in Diani Beach is the location. You should look for one which is right at the beach, so you can start your water sports adventure whenever you feel like doing so and you can enjoy the awesome view right out of your window.

In addition, you are always in the vicinity of the beach, which is ideal for barbeques and parties. Many interesting and pleasing beach bars can be found here and invite you to funny evenings. Kenyans love to party and are always pleased to see new faces and get to know each other.

The water sport connects people, so you can quickly meet new friends here. Whether you arrive in a group or alone, we are sure that you will have an awesome time in your holiday home in Diani Beach.
The Aqualand Water School is directly in Diani Beach and serves you as a center for water sports. Here you can catch up, ask for great spots, book a course, borrow sports materials and find information related to the tides.

We have experts for almost any water sport and we are delighted to be able to assist you in your projects.
Do not be shy and get in contact with us either right now or upon arrival.

See you soon and good trip!

If you want to know were you can book a nice house/villa, please send as a email!

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